Vasilis Terlegas in Casino Loutraki

Latin music nights with Buena Ventura live

By the pool, overlooking the exotic gardens and the Gulf of Corinth, we are entertained by the performances of Buenaventura in Salsa rhythms combined with top summer cocktails and Latin American menu options curated by our chef.

Fitness Event at Club Hotel Casino Loutraki

In the green gardens of the Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, next to the swimming pools, with a view of the Corinthian gulf and the sea breeze cooling us, we will live together a special experience of fun and relaxation because fitness and summer can be combined!

Taste of Loutraki

“Taste of Loutraki” at Oceanos Restaurant

From June 16 to 18, CHCL is hosting a festival celebrating Greek local cuisine. The Oceanos restaurant participates in the Gastronomic Festival of local flavors by offering a menu based on the products of the Corinthian land.

Ο Ηλίας Βρεττός στο Casino Loutraki!

Illias Vrettos in the Casino Loutraki!

Club Hotel Casino Loutraki welcomes Ilias Vrettos! On Saturday, April 29, the successful singer “makes the impossible possible” and excites us in an explosive live party at the Multi Purpose Center of Club Hotel Casino Loutraki.

Γιώργος Μαργαρίτης

Giorgos Margaritis

Giorgos Margaritis will be performing live on the Club Hotel Casino Loutraki Banqueting hall stage for a genuine folk music evening with songs which made their mark, songs dear to our heart, from the most authentic voice we all love and applaud.

Πάσχα στο Λουτράκι

Easter in Loutraki

Grab the opportunity for Easter holidays to go out and carelessly enjoy the puzzle of colors and aromas of the season, while enjoying the traditions and local dishes. Celebrate Easter by staying at Club Hotel Casino Loutraki.

Ash Monday Package

Ash Monday Package

The weekend of the Carnival and Greek tradition require an escape from everyday life! Discover the beautiful Loutraki and combine fun at the Loutraki Carnival, nature walks and luxury accommodation with the Ash Monday package at Club Hotel Loutraki.

Δείπνο Αγίου Βαλεντίνου στο Αquarius

Valentine’s Dinner in Aquarius Restaurant

Valentine’s day dinner at Aquarius Restaurant. We welcome Valentine’s Day and invite you to a wonderful experience with unique flavors in a romantic atmosphere

Άγιος Βαλεντίνος

Valentine’s Day at Club Hotel Casino Loutraki

Choose to stay with us on Lover’s day, making use of the celebration package, and enjoying a warm setting for an evening of love just like in your dreams, celebrate love overlooking the Corinthian gulf, experiencing an unforgettable evening at Club Hotel Loutraki.