Greek Poker Masters

Press Release – Greek Poker Masters 12

The 12th consecutive GPM was held between 3-7 April which was specially set up for the occasion. It was undoubtedly a successful tournament which brought together players from all parts of Greece as well as players from abroad who visited us for this purpose.

Greek Poker Masters Series 2

Greek Poker Masters 2 – Press Release

Greek Poker Masters 2 was a huge success in Casino Loutraki attracting big names of the local and international poker community, who enjoyed a special experience equivalent to the biggest world tournaments, the Main Event registered 444 participations with the Prize pool rocketing to 199,800€

Mις Παγκόσμιος Τουρισμός 2022

Miss World Tourism 2022

Loutraki Warrior Spirit 2

Loutraki Warrior Spirit 2

On Saturday, June 25, all roads led to Club Hotel Casino Loutraki and the sports event “Lᴏᴜᴛʀᴀᴋɪ Wᴀʀʀɪᴏʀ Sᴘɪʀɪᴛ 2 “, with famous athletes and world-class ambassadors of combat sports. Those who attended the event had an unforgettable experience with a summer fight extravaganza.

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