Daily  Lotteries -Wheel Of Fortune

Every night from 22:00 to 24:00   3 lucky customers spin the wheel of Fortune and win cash prizes up to 5000€ in cash and with the chance to duplicate it…

How the Daily Lotteries are played?

  • A player spins the Wheel of Fortune.
  • They decide whether to stop or continue playing for double winnings.
  • After deciding on the amount they wish to bet, they choose one out of the two cards.
  • If the player finds the lucky doubling card, the bet is doubled.
  • If they do not find the doubling card, they lose only the amount they bet and keep the rest.


Lottery amount: up to 10,000€ at every lottery

Lotteries:  every day*

Lottery hours:  22:00,23:00,24:00

*except Thursdays(Super wheel lotteries)

Try your luck while you enjoy your drink or the dishes of the cuisine of the exceptional Neptune  restaurant with a renewed, sumptuous buffet offering a variety of meats, fish, starters and salads.  Beverages and soft drinks are free in the Casino.