Daily lotteries with double winnings

Try your luck ,Spin the Wheel of fortune at 22:00, 23:00 & 24:00 with winnings that reach 30.000€ EVERY DAY*

Collect your lucky lottery tickets upon your entry and take part in our draws. It will be enjoyable for you to be one of our 3 daily winners.

Winning double is better than winning!A fun game enriches our daily draws.

How to play
• The player spins the Wheel of Fortune.
• He must decide whether to stop and win the corresponding amount the wheel stopped or continue the game for double winnings.
• The customer decides the amount he wants to risk and he chooses one of the two cards.
• If the player finds the lucky doubling card , he doubles the amount risked.
• If he does not find the lucky doubling card , he only loses the amount risked.

The final winning is the sum of the risked and the part of the initial amount that was kept.

Play and you may be one of the lucky who will earn up to 10,000 € in each lottery

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* Except the days of the Super Wheel & Mega lotteries