Fairytale Land

Sweet smelling huts, kids labs and smiling faces are waiting for you at the colourful Fairytale land of Club Hotel Loutraki. Filled with light and festive atmosphere, it welcomes visitors and takes them to a magical, dreamy world!

Our lively Elf welcomes us to its Lab, a wooden hut with all things necessary for kids crafts, decorated with garlands, nutcracker and plenty of toys. Then it takes us on a tour of Fairytale land and introduces us to Santa Claus!

The smiling Santa, sitting on his red throne is waiting for us in his decorated grand house to meet him up close and to take a photo with him!  Then he proposes to put our letter in the mailbox nearby……

Good or bad, small or big children, we write our letter for the North Pole Post Office.  We sit at the desk, take pen and paper and write to our beloved Santa Clause what we want for Christmas.   There are many letters and the entire team of the Fairytale land is urgently making preparations for Christmas.

The kitchen of Mrs. Santa Klaus is full of wonderful smells and we enjoy warm chocolate and mulled wine along with sweet treats! Lollipops, sweets and biscuits decorate the display cases of the skilled wife of Santa Klaus, in a fairytale setting!

Rudolf the red nose reindeer and his company need strength for the long flight on Christmas Eve, that is why they rest in their barn, eating apples and carrots.  They are their favourite treats after all!

Dress up, put on your good mood and come to live the magic of Christmas at Club Hotel Loutraki, from December 23 until January 9.

Happy holidays to all!