Pasta Day

Gourmet pasta & fine wines in the new Pasta Menu of the Lobby Bar

Throughout November, taste the new Lobby Pasta Manu of Gourmet pasta & fine wines, great flavors – elegantly served in a refined atmosphere. Let us introduce you to unique culinary creations and an award-winning wine list. The most universally loved food, the pasta queen, has its place of honor in the cosmopolitan and refined environment of the Lobby bar.
With the signature of our chefs, we serve new and original dishes inspired by the charming culinary culture of Italy. Enjoy your favorite variety of pasta in 6 gourmet versions with the corresponding warmth, simplicity and deliciousness of the Italian taste that wins every palate, with a special menu of options inspired by different regions of Italy.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Italy dominates the Lobby Bar menu making pasta lovers bow to its charms.

The flavor crescendo is enhanced in combination with the appropriate wine from our cellar. Acidic and intense, cool and fruity, our wines will enchant you and you will give in to the irresistible desire to taste them.

Gourmet pasta & fine wines from the Lobby Pasta Menu and elevate your dining experience.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, noon and evening.

Offer price: €12.5/person.

Discover the menu!

  • Rigatoni with chicken, smoked bacon and Dijon mustard
  • Sioufichta (traditional Cretan pasta) with feta cheese, olives and vegetables
  • Spaghetti Bolognese or Napoli
  • Farfalle with chicken, smoked bacon and Dijon mustard
  • Gnocchi with minced sausage, metsovone cheese and grilled mushroom
  • Linguine with salmon, broccoli, horseradish & lemon
  • Penne with pesto cream or carbonara


  • White (Alfa Estate, Helones Malagousia)
  • Roze (Visinokipos, Palivou Agiorgitiko)
  • Red (Karavitaki, Kotsifali – Mavrotragano)

For more information, please call 27440 60300