Another GREEK POKER MASTERS poker tournament was organized at our facilities with absolute success.

The 12th consecutive GPM was held between 3-7 of April in our hotel’s conference space which was specially set up for the occasion. It was undoubtedly a successful tournament which brought together players from all parts of Greece as well as players from abroad who visited us for this purpose. A number of them chose to stay at the Casino Loutraki hotel taking advantage of the discount offer that comes with all the major poker tournaments that are held.

The big event lasted 5 days and consisted of 3 legs. The first was the 4 qualifying tournaments that took place before the start of the event and gave some players the opportunity to secure their participation in the MAIN EVENT with a lower entry fee. The second leg was the MAIN EVENT with €550 Buy in which gathered 274 entries, a total prize pool of €134,260 with the winner winning €35,040. A total of 31 players entered the payout positions and the minimum amount someone won was €1,060. Finally, the last leg of the GPM was the side event that was organized on the last day of the tournament, the cost of participation was €1,100, it gathered 18 entries with a total prize pool of €18,000 and essentially brought down the curtain on the big event.

The players once again had the opportunity to participate in a very popular and recognizable poker tournament which is a milestone in the Greek poker community and to enjoy the unique quality of service offered by Casino Loutraki. Players have renewed their appointment for the next GPM as the dates have already been set and it will be held between May 22-26.