Tacos Time at the Lobby Bar

This July is dedicated to exotic food combinations, wrapped in tacos! Exotic and tasty, it’s the snack everyone loves once they try it. It is Tacos Time at the Lobby Bar. From Mexico to Loutraki and your plate, a variety of delicious combinations and colors, a spicy note wrapped in a crunchy shell guarantee an original and super tasty mini selection

Treats from Latin America in versions you cannot resist! Choose your favorite ingredients in a single-serve dish with two tacos from the following versions:


Pick two Tacos of your choice and indulge with a Mexican salad

  • Tacos with minced beef, cheddar cheese & hot chili
  • Tacos with BBQ pork, fried onions and guacamole
  • Tacos with chicken breast, bell peppers and sour cream
  • Tacos with fish fillet, vegetables and sweet chili sauce

Served with a sumptuous Mexican salad and cool lime sauce

This delicious and filling combination costs only 8,99€!

Your food becomes even better and tastier since a unique dessert is waiting for you:

Biscuit-like tacos with tequila cream and caramelized pineapple!

And what is best is that it’s on the house!