Warm indulgence in a winter backdrop

Leve behind the tension of the day, remove your coat and relax in our comfortable areas.

Envelope yourself in our warm atmosphere and enjoy delicious winter cocktails with the signature of the bartenders of Club Hotel Loutraki!

Taste our imaginative and velvety signature cocktails, and wander on trails which excite your palate and take the cold winter nights to a new level, in the coziness of Admiral bar, the Black & Gold Lobby lounge and the Aquarius restaurant, finishing off an absolutely tasty evening!

Winter volcano or snowflake! Warm blend of wines or winter Zombie? Chose from the eight cocktails we have prepared specially for you or try them all:

  • Mulled Wine Cocktail (Red wine, Marsala wine, Spicy rum, Triple sec, Cinnamon syrup, Cinnamon stick, peel of Lemon & Orange)
  • Winter Volcano (Red wine, Triple sec, Cinnamon Syrup, Ginger Syrup, Cinnamon stick, peel of Lemon & Orange)
  • Snowflake (Metaxa 5, Jameson, Cherry Brandy, Caramel Syrup)
  • Hot Toddy Whiskey (Jameson, Sugar Syrup, Hot Tea, Nutmeg, Cloves )
  • Winter Zombie (Metaxa 5, Pernod, Falernum Syrup, Cinnamon Syrup, Angostura, Grapefruit juice)
  • Hot Grog (Spicy rum, White rum Sugar Syrup, Lime Juice, Hot Water, )
  • El Drake (White rum, Sugar Syrup, Lime Juice, Mint Leaves, Hot Water )
  • Blue Blazer (Jameson, Sugar Syrup, Hot Water, Angostura)

Rum, wine, cognac and whisky mixed with warm water, tea or chocolate, fragrant and delicious, are sure to satisfy even the most experienced and demanding lovers of clean, quality drinks, and keep you company on special evenings.

Enjoy a top dining experience at the Admiral bar on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with sushi selection, which will impress you with their originality and tastiness.

A warm cocktail will accompany your exceptional dessert at the Aquarius or your light snack at the Black & Gold Lobby Lounge, at the attractive price of 8€!

Who said that there is no place for cocktails in the winter?