Oceanos Restaurant & Sushiro Bar, Asian Food & Sushi

Oceanos Restaurant

Colours, scents and tastes of the sea predominate in this restaurant, which harmoniously combines gastronomic and visual pleasure. While a banquet of inspired seafood dishes and sushi by the restaurant’s famous chefs opens up new culinary horizons, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Gulf of Corinth bathed in the reds and golds of sunset.

The restaurant is placed on the first floor and can accommodate up to 36 people inside and 30 people on the terrace

Sushiro Bar

Let your senses guide you to the wonderful smell and taste of sushi, at the Sushiro, a sushi bar located at the Oceanos Restaurant, operating Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

You can see our Chefs prepare Sushi while enjoying a Sake!