Easter relaxation at … the OASIS wellness centre, Body n’ soul experience

Enjoy your Easter holidays relaxing at the OASIS wellness centre, Body n΄soul experience.

Choose from a variety of toning and beauty treatments, specially designed to offer relaxation and well-being, helping you regain your energy so you can welcome Spring dynamically!

Experience absolute tranquility and harmony! Remove tension and stress! Overcome fatigue from daily routine! Devote time to yourself and enjoy a relaxation massage which will give you energy and vitality! Restore your body’s natural rhythms!  Accept a positive flow of energy in your body and find relief from aches and strains!

Aromatherapy Massage 55′

Select irresistible combinations of essential oils and indulge in a relaxing aromatherapy massage for two persons in the special suite of the spa.  It is a sensational rejuvenation experience for couples, which relieves stress and gives a sense of euphoria and relaxation.

Special offer for couples: 115 €

Facial treatment and relaxing head massage 55′

Luxurious, holistic face treatment with organic Bioaroma products, nourishing, rejuvenating and restoring tautness, elasticity and sparkle to your skin.  The experience is completed with special head massage techniques, an ideal treatment to improve your mood, giving you the chance to enjoy a unique sense of relaxation.

Price per person: 65 €

Exfoliation and beeswax treatment 55′

Relax and enjoy a unique total body exfoliation. Feel the beneficial results of the detoxifying body treatment removing skin impurities allowing it to breathe. Enjoy a sense of softness and tranquility with the beeswax-enriched lotion offering in – depth skin hydration and nourishment, leaving it soft and velvety.

Price per person: 65 €

Complete this wonderful rejuvenation and wellness journey relaxing in the special rest and tranquility room with mountain tea and fresh seasonal fruits. 


Rejuvenate using free of charge the hydrotherapy facilities which include an indoor pool, sauna, hammam and Jacuzzi.  It is the ideal way to remove stress, relax the muscles, release toxins and tone blood circulation, while feeling cooled and relaxed.

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