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To ensure the safety and comfort of all hotel residents, the following rules apply for the hospitality of pets:

  • Pets are permitted only in the suites designated as pet friendly and are limited to one pet per suite. In exceptional cases where a different type of room is used, the Guest Service Department must contact beforehand the Hotel Administration, to communicate the relevant information.
  • The “Do not disturb” sign must be on when a pet is in the room unleashed. In such case no housekeeping service will be provided and the Room Service will deliver orders at the door of the suite. The hotel shall not be responsible if the “Do not disturb” sign is not on and the pet leaves when staff enter, while the pet owner shall be held responsible if any disturbance is caused to hotel guests.
  • Pet mess in rooms and public areas shall be disposed of by the pet owner. In the event of pet mess in the room, no housekeeping services will be provided to the room concerned until the mess is removed by the owner.
  • The hotel reserves the right to refuse entry or remove from the premises residents with pets who do not comply with the health and safety rules or are not in the position to control their pet, if neighboring rooms are disturbed or pets exhibit aggressive behavior towards other residents or staff.
  • Entry to pets is not allowed to public areas such as restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools and the Oasis Spa.
  • Pets may stay at the Lobby Patio or/and the cabanas provided they remain strictly by the owner on a walking leash or a special carrier. Pets are not allowed to be on equipment of the areas concerned (deck chairs, chairs, tables etc.)
  • When pets pass through public areas, their owners must keep them in carriers or carry them in their arms, always with the leash on.
  • If required, pet owners must produce an updated pet health record booklet.
  • In the event of emergency medical assistance, the hotel will provide you with contact details of an experienced vet.  All medical expenses are paid by the pet owner.
  • If there is need for pet-sitting, the hotel will provide you with contact details of pet lovers willing to provide pet sitting services, with all expenses paid by the pet owner, agreed between the parties.